Our 3 Step Process

  1. Send us an email to custom@mulliusa.com with your:
    • logo (png (preferred) / jpeg formats)
    • desired color/s
    • quantity you're looking for
    • product you're interested in
Once received a representative from Mulli will reach out to discuss your order and mock-up details.
    1. Within 24-48 hrs the 1st mock-up drawing sheet will be sent to your email with an estimate. If edits need to be made now is the time to make them. Once the mock-up design is finalized and confirmed by you, we'll finalize your order details with sizes and send an invoice your way to get it started. 
    1. We have a 3-4 week turnaround time for delivery of your product to your doorstep.  We would rather under promise and overdeliver with delivery arrival times dealing with today's volatile supply chain, however 2-3 week turnarounds are possible with quick design approvals and response times.  

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